InfoAudit Features

The following matrix summarizes all key elements of a sound auditing system, and how these are addressed in InfoAudit.


How Makromed/InfoAudit Addresses It

A. Vendor Qualification

Quality Commitment & Reputation

  • Makromed adheres to the quality standards of ISO 9001 & ISO 13485.
  • Makromed has been providing software solutions for quality and regulatory compliance to the healthcare industry since 1990.

Quality Performance

  • Makromed welcomes its customers to audit our operations.
  • We maintain a formal Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) system.
  • All software documents, including software validation plan and report, are open for audits.

B. Basic Features

Up-to-date with Underlying Regulations

  • InfoAudit has ready-to-use audit checklists for several quality and regulatory standards: FDA’s GMP, QSR, GTP, and Part 11 regulations; ISO 9000 and ISO 13485 standards; EU’s MDD regulation; and FDA’s Software Validation guidance.
  • InfoAudit allows unlimited user-maintainable audit checklists.
  • InfoAudit provides for a central master schedule of all audits.
  • InfoAudit tracks and alerts for upcoming and overdue audits.
  • InfoAudit integrates the audit findings with the corresponding corrective actions.
  • InfoAudit generates valuable audit and management feedback reports.
  • InfoAudit has the audit template for AATB/Star Tissue Banking standard.
  • InfoAudit has enhanced security and audit trail features that comply with the electronic signature and records requirements of the 21 CFR Part 11 regulation.

Auditing from Beginning to End

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  • InfoAudit organizes auditing process in a series of phases:
    • Set-up audit checklists and questions.
    • Set-up audit master schedule.
    • Plan, schedule and scope a specific audit.
    • Notify the auditee and request documents for pre-audit review.
    • Hold the opening meeting.
    • Conduct the audit and gather objective evidence.
    • Hold the closing meeting.
    • Prepare and discuss the non-conformance report with the auditee.
    • Undertake and implement the necessary corrective actions.
    • Schedule a follow-up audit, if needed.
    • Close out the audit.

Audit Management

  • InfoAudit allows you to schedule audits and track the upcoming and overdue audits.
  • InfoAudit presents the history of audit findings at a specific site or vendor.
  • InfoAudit tracks the current status of all audits initiated.

Reports and Trends


  • InfoAudit has built-in audit templates and audit finding reports.
  • InfoAudit has several built-in management reports on audit status and history.
  • InfoAudit has a built-in performance statistic report.

Corrective Actions

  • InfoAudit has a central corrective action module that can be used for all corrective actions, including the ones associated with audits.

C. Support Features

System Configuration

  • InfoAudit’s configuration module provides the following features:
    • User control of audit numbering format and protocol.
    • User control of business rules to enforce in the auditing process.

Access Security

  • InfoAudit provides an elaborate security system to control user access of security data
    • Administrators with full access
    • Users with full edit rights
    • Users with partial rights (ex: auditees can not edit audit plan)
    • ReadOnly users
    • Password rules, encrypted passwords

Audit Trail

  • InfoAudit maintains a full audit trail of critical data editing activities, using the user name and date/time stamp and showing the details of what was created/added/modified/deleted.

Data Archiving

  • InfoAudit provides a full built-in data archiving and retrieval system.

D. System Validation

Validation by Makromed

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  • Validation performed in accordance with Makromed’s SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle).
  • Certificate of Validation is included with the system.
  • All validation documents are maintained at Makromed and are open for audits.

On-site Validation

  • Work templates for Installation Qualification (IQ) and Operation Qualification (OQ) are included with the system.
  • Makromed performs on-site IQ as part of the installation service, and offers on-site OQ.

E. Customer Support & Training

System Customization

  • InfoAudit is the only system that includes free customization to your specification.
  • All customized features are validated using the same process as on standard system.
  • Customized features are carried forward to future upgrades at no additional cost.

Technical Support

  • On-site installation on any computing environment is provided.
  • Data migration from any existing source is provided.
  • 12-months of technical support and warranty is included in the base system.
  • Annual maintenance contract for extended support is available.

Training Seminars

  • 2-day on-site training seminar for end users and administrators.
  • Certificate of Training provided to all attendees.

F. Technical Issues

System Requirements

  • Windows 95/98/NT4.0 or higher or 2000 or XP Professional; Pentium 200MHz or higher CPU; 64MB or higher RAM for Win95/98, 128MB or higher RAM for WinNT/2000, 256MB or higher RAM for WinXP; 150MB disk space.


  • Single-user, network, client/server, and web-enabled (Terminal Services)

Compatible Network Systems

  • Novell, Microsoft NT, Microsoft 2000/2003


  • InfoAudit supports many popular backend databases such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Informix, and Paradox


  • Data and reports can be easily shared by remote sites via e-mail or publishing in PDF formats on internet/intranet.
  • InfoAudit supports all MAPI compliant e-mail systems.