Interactive Training Sessions

InfoTrain: Employee Training Software

Makromed has prepared several electronic seminars on Quality System topics to enhance your employee training program. The topics are prepared and presented by authors with distinguished expertise in the arena of quality systems. You may use these sessions in a classroom setting, or individual employees may use them as self-tutoring sessions at their workstations.

The sessions are prepared with utmost attention to the user needs. Most sessions have two separate navigation paths - overview and detail. All sessions have audio components accompanying the visual presentation. Most important, the complex topics of quality system are presented with humor and in real world environment. The underlying regulation and standards are interpreted, not merely repeated.

To reinforce the learning experience, all sessions include a quiz section at the end. Also, the system package includes audience handouts containing the hard copy printouts of all major slides. In many sessions, electronic documents such as the SOPs that support the session material are included.

  • Variety of Quality System topics
  • Overview and Detail versions
  • Real world interpretation
  • Audience handouts
  • Classroom sessions
  • Humor to keep audience attention
  • Presented by distinguished authors
  • Audio visual presentations
  • Quiz sessions
  • Support documents
  • Personal self-tutoring sessions

Click the name of each session from the following list for more information:

ITS-820 FDA's QSR: Real World Interpretation

ITS-9001 ISO 9001: Common Sense Approach

ITS-3Q 3Qs: Quality Policy, Quality System & Quality Manual

ITS-413 Management Review of Quality System

ITS-423 Quality Plan: Step-by-step Approach

ITS-44R Risk Analysis: Step-by-step Approach

ITS-417 Internal Audits: Step-by-step Approach

Minimum System Requirements:
Pentium 100MHz or higher, Windows 95/98 or NT, 16MB RAM, 70MB hard disk space, Sound card (if audio component utilized).